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Reality MP

Peter Mandelson last week became the latest MP to comment on the goings on of reality TV, with his backing of Strictly Come Dancing’s John Sergeant.Photo by Helen Catt

“John Sergeant should not bow out. He has become the people’s John Travolta and he should be a fighter, not a quitter.”

It follows Andy Burnham’s comment about X Factor evictee, Laura White.

I think it’s time the tables were turned.

In the spirit of fairness, let’s make Len Goodman Speaker of the House.

 ‘Well, Alistair, your paso’s got passion but I don’t think much to your 45p tax rate’

Or put Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan in the Shadow Cabinet to buzz in when an opposition speech gets boring.

Or have Gordon Brown conducting PMQs from inside an insect-filled tank.

It’d certainly liven up BBC Parliament if nothing else.


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