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Help! I’m in love with Robert Peston

Robert broods on an impending crisis

Not, I hasten to add, in the Observer sense. This is pure, unadulterated journalism love.

How does he do it? As one friend of mine put it today ‘Surely the man can’t sleep?’

He is so often on our screens/airwaves that the Beeb should seriously consider renaming it the ‘Pes-Ten O’Clock News’. Or give him his own percentage of the licence fee. Or his own channel.

His blog posts (and there are often a few every day) are long, detailed, interesting and, most importantly, intelligible to the non-City animals amongst us.

Oh and, according to some of today’s papers, singlehandedly capable of creating financial meltdown.

Which leads us to an interesting situation: by doing his job incredibly effectively, is he now actually driving changes in the markets on which he is reporting? Has he got his finger so firmly on the pulse that he is now stopping the blood flow?

It is an interesting, but as far as I can see, near insoluble conundrum. If he stops breaking these stories he will, necessarily, be failing in his job as a journalist.

If he continues, could he really trigger economic Armageddon?

Who can say?

But, for my part, he can bring on the end of the monetary world. He’ll do it intelligibly and excitably.

And you can bet your bottom dollar (literally) that he’ll have blogged it first.

Robert, you had me at ‘Northern Rock’…….


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