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What is Max Clifford’s interview with Heat all about?

Kerry Katona has sacked her publicist, Max Clifford, after he gave a frank interview about her to Heat Magazine.

In it, he accuses her husband, Mark Croft, of being ‘controlling’ and claims that he is worried about her drinking habits.

Now it is not usual for PR people to make themselves the story – although Clifford is the exception to this rule.

He is truly a ‘celebrity publicist’ as well as somebody who publicises celebrities.

But what exactly was he up to in this case?

1. Fatherly concern?

Much has been made of Clifford and Katona’s close relationship.

Katona apparently named her son after him and Clifford, in his turn, described her as his ‘adopted daughter’.

Perhaps, then, he really is concerned for her and felt it was worth sacrificing a client to save a friend.

If she really isn’t returning his calls, then maybe the interview is an attempt to make her seek help.

I grant you that ‘caring,sharing Max’ is not the image most associated with Clifford (mainly because he chooses not to present himself like this).

But I have spoken to a friend of his in the past who told me that he is actually very different from his public persona.

Surely everybody has their good side?

2.Damage limitation?

As I mentioned in a previous post, Max Clifford is an exceptionally skilful publicist and it would have been very odd for him to have dropped the ball in such a calamitous way over Katona’s This Morning interview.

This could, then, be a way of keeping his professional reputation in tact.

He can claim that he has been squeezed out by those in her life with more influence and so was prevented from giving her the advice she obviously needed.

Or, to paraphrase, ‘Not me guv’.

His ‘concerns’ would make this seem less callous.

3. Strategic withdrawal?

No celebrity publicist wants to be seen to dump their client when the going gets tough.

By giving such a frank interview, he would know that he was going to enrage Katona.

It was also then inevitable that she would sack him.

He looks like the injured party and everyone’s a winner.

Except for Katona, obviously.

What do you think?


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