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Is Dawn Porter the real Bridget Jones?

For those of you who have not yet discovered Dawn Porter, you are missing out.

Especially if you are a bloke, my boyfriend helpfully (and suicidally) informs me.

To explain: Dawn is a method journalist. Or, as I like to think of her, a method girlnalist.

Her approach is to take a topic, usually of particular interest to young women, and live it wholeheartedly.

Size Zero

The first time I ever saw her was in a documentary called ‘Super Slim Me’ in which she was challenged to go from a Size 12 (UK size) to a Size 4 (the much-hyped Size Zero in the US).

And boy did she do it, taking the viewer every step of the way from depression to a slimming addiction.


What I like most about Dawn is her wholehearted willingness to engage with anyone and her total lack of guile.

Take her documentary on polygamy this week, for example.

It was surprisingly warm and showed a human side of polygamy seldom seen. There was no attempt at underhand exposure just a genuine interest in what it’s like to live as a ‘plural wife’.

The standout section for me was her interview with the ‘first wife’ in the house, who had lived with her husband for 17 years before he married a second woman.

It was both frank, moving and was a whole new look at polygamy from inside.


She is also completely unthreatening, with her quirky fashion sense and wide-eyed childlike demeanour.

No wonder the polygamists let her in.

In fact, she is the embodiment of the ‘Bridget Jones’ school of journalism. (She even opened her latest series with “I have been single for 4 years”)

You can easily imagine her sliding down firemen’s poles or starting interviews with “So Eleanor, did you fancy Kafir the first time you saw him?”.


I also think Dawn Porter could be an answer to engaging young people in news issues.

She looks and sounds like every girl, she voices what everyone wants to know and is totally approachable.

Have a look at her blog where she dispenses fashion advice at the same time as promoting her new shows.

In fact Dawn Porter has pulled off a rare feat: men slightly fancy her and women genuinely like her.

With Dawn leading the charge, the future of youth journalism looks deservedly rosy.


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