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Did Joe Kinnear have a point about journalism?

I’ve just been listening to Joe Kinnear’s press conference rant. It’s absolutely incredible.

But not just as a stunning example of PR suicide.

Vivid imaginations

Buried amongst the expletives was an exchange – so far largely ignored-  which raises fundamental journalistic questions:

Kinnear accused the journalists of having ‘vivid imaginations’ regarding a particular story about him agreeing a deal in the pub. Surprisingly to me, the journalist involved didn’t deny it, simply saying “You know how it is sometimes, Joe”.

Good journalism?

Equally worrying is Kinnear’s reply, in which he says that it might be ‘good journalism’ but isn’t necessarily true.

If a story is not accurate, then it is clearly not good journalism. Good marketing for the paper, perhaps, but that is a very different thing.

As a journalism student myself, I find it concerning that the two ideas are conflated in this way. If Kinnear thinks this, who else thinks the same?

Undermining the point

Kinnear did, it seems, have some justification. It is just a shame that by expressing it through abuse and expletives he totally undermined it.

Oh, and gave the very journalists he was upbraiding a brilliant scoop in the process!


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