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Happy Flu Year!

Photo from www.freefoto.comHelevision is back. Or, more correctly, flat on her back.

Yes, the mighty common cold has struck, so it’s the perfect time to check out some germ-fighting remedies from the web:

1. Chicken Soup

Long the favourite cold cure of Old Wives, scientists have tested the bug-busting abilities of Chicken Soup and it could well work. 

Apparently, it has anti-inflammatory properties which can help soothe a sore throat and alleviate colds.

CNN has a great article on the discovery here.

2. Hot Toddy

Not, sadly, a fit Aussie surfer. Although one of those appearing at my bedside would probably go some way towards perking me up…

A Hot Toddy is a warm drink containing a spirit, usually whisky.

Various recipes abound but the most common include whisky, lemon juice and honey.

Here’s a true Scottish one.

3. Chilli and Garlic

Many people swear by spices or chillis to send their germs packing.

Some even eat them together. Check out this particularly revolting suggestion.

Still, if it doesn’t work, it should at least keep everyone else at a safe enough distance to make sure they don’t catch it.

4. Vodka & Saunas?

And a personal favourite…..

According to hg2g, the Russians have their own cold cure

The Russian cure goes something like this:

  • Buy a bottle of pepper vodka
  • Get yourself to a sauna
  • Sit, sweat, and drink the vodka

If for any reason a sauna is not available, run a bath as hot as you can stand it, sit, sweat, and drink the vodka.

So fellow snifflers, enjoy! 

Please note: Helevision is not a doctor. Nor is she a nurse. She has, in fact, no medical knowledge whatsoever.

 Her own preferred cold-fighting method is lying in bed and consuming her own bodyweight in chocolate whilst whinging at her boyfriend about how ill she feels.

Therefore, please don’t take any of this as actual medical advice.

However, she does need her voice to be radio-fit by Tuesday, so if anybody out there in the blogosphere does have any more knowledgeable tricks and tips, please post them!


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