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The Christmas ads are coming

Christmas is just over 3 weeks away; it’s time for the full festive advertising onslaught – with (jingle) bells on.

Brand Republic has a good round-up of the major players here .

The Best

Undoubtedly my favourite of this year is M&S’s cosy chalet Christmas.

Yes, probably because Take That are in it. Who can’t love Mark, Gary, Howard and Jason?

Apart from Robbie Williams, obviously. And, presumably, Boyzone.

It also reminds me strongly of the super-schmaltzy (and festively warm and fuzzy) video to Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’

The Worst

The absolute worst is, without question, DFS’s radio effort.

A cover of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’, it seems to have been playing since about August.

And gets more irritating with each repeat.

Although Tesco’s TV ad where a seemingly bemused Des O’Connor stumbles woodenly around his front room doesn’t quite work for me either.

And Coca Cola

Still, at least we have so far been spared the Coca Cola truck and winking Santa lighting up small villages (I have no idea quite why this ad is so celebrated but would love to be enlightened).

But then again I never really got the Cadbury’s drumming gorilla, so what do I know?!


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