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Sloane Ranger Danger for Channel 4

Oh dear.

Who have Channel 4 News got in for this evening’s final segment?

Peter York, author of “Cooler, Faster, More Expensive: The Return of the Sloane Ranger.”

A man so sloaney he is actually flirting with the camera beneath his immaculate (and spectacularly anti-gravitational) coiffure.

I’m afraid that this is Channel 4 at its worst.

To explain: ostensibly, this is a light final segment suggesting that class could be the real reason behind the whole ‘Osborne-Rothschild-Mandelson-I can’t even begin to spell it’ yacht furore.

(Now there are 2 words you don’t get to use together every day.)

However, it’s not coming across as light and fun.

In fact, it is verging on sneering inverse snobbery.

It’s all in the presentation

Now, let’s get this straight: I like light items. I am also generally quite a fan of Channel 4 News; it is informative, engagingly-presented and extremely fair.

I also think that Channel 4’s underlying point probably is right; Nat Rothschild presumably is a bit pissed off that his Corfu gatherings have provided ammunition for the latest inter-party bickering.

But the presentation of it had the bitter taste of a class-swipe

Firstly, there is the lazy cliched picture of George Osborne and Nathaniel Rothschild in top hats.

Then the reference to exclusive Oxford dining society, The Bullingdon Club, and a comparison between their respective public schools.

And to top (hat) it all: the revelation that George Osborne’s nickname was ‘Oik’.

It was a great unique angle but Channel 4 needs to beware appearing to wage a classist war themselves.


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