Stavros Flatley

090408_stavrosflatlyHelevision has been charmed by a  short, hairy, dancing Greek man. Sort of like Shirley Valentine on a budget.

It must count as one of the strangest interviews I’ve ever done but I went to meet the dancing legend that is Stavros Flatley. In a carpark. In Littlehampton.

They were the headline act at Party in the CarPark, the town’s summer one day music festival.

And they were absolutely lovely.

I managed to grab them after they’d come off stage the second time and squeezed in the interview as they got ready to dash off to Portsmouth for a show there.

Whilst slightly strange to be interviewing someone who’s getting changed (you try asking questions while fighting down the mental thought of ‘please, please don’t take your trousers off!), it was great. Their father-son relationship is really lovely to see and Lagi is far, far too funny for a 12 year old.

My favourite answer? I asked Demitri where the act came from:

“Well, I used to run a restaurant and the food was terrible so we used to do cabaret. It needed a finale and I thought what would be funnier than a little fat bloke doing Michael Flatley.”



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