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‘My Husband and I’-Pod

Helevision is concerned about the gift -giving skills of our senior statesmen.

 A personalised i-Pod for the Royal holiday snaps?  A box set of 25 DVDs (for Gordon Brown on his recent visit to the White House)?

What, then, did Barack Obama bring for Prince Charles? A “One hearts NY” t-shirt perhaps?

Finding that ‘thoughtful little something’  is clearly not the forte of the 44th President of the United States. Although admittedly he probably has a few more pressing matters on his mind just now.

Not that the Royal Family did any better. As thelondonpaper reports this evening:

The President was given a silver photo frame with a picture of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh in return.

Excellent. I’m sure he’ll keep it by the Presidential pillow.

Gordon Brown

In fairness, Michelle Obama did slightly better with the Brown kids.

Apparently they got an historic baseball bat (all the better for that much loved past-time of British kids, happy-slapping) and a set of Dr Seuss books.

And in fact Gordon Brown comes out best of all.

On his recent trip across the pond he presented Barack Obama with a penholder made from the wood of  anti-slave ship HMS Gannet.

All the more poignant as it was the sister ship to HMS Resolute, from which the desk in the Oval Office is made.

One nil to Gordon I think….


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