Kerry Katona on This Morning

Former Atomic Kitten singer, Kerry Katona, has hit the headlines with a less-than-compos-mentis appearance on ‘This Morning’.

Have a look at the video above and see what you think.

This Morning executives have since claimed that they were unaware of her condition – whether prescription drug or alcohol-induced – before putting her on air.

Whether you believe them or not, and whatever the reason behind her erratic behaviour, there are some fundamental questions which should be asked of both sides:

1. If she was on medication that made her slur her words first thing in the morning, why, oh why did she agree to be on a morning show?

Surely she must be aware that this happens? Or if not her, then why not her husband who, according to Phillip Schofield, accompanied her to the studio?

2. Where were her PR people when she needed them?  

It’s all very well Max Clifford being ‘concerned for her’ after the event but he is her publicist. He is paid to ensure this doesn’t happen in the first place.

Didn’t he send a minion with her?

Or even detail someone to watch it on TV?

One very swift call to the gallery along the lines of ‘cut it now or I’ll ensure not so much as a tailored butt-cheek of any of my extensive client list will be touching your sofa until next Christmas’ should have done it, surely?

I know Clifford needs This Morning as much as they need him, but I cannot believe that he doesn’t have a bit of leverage he could use, even if just out of compassion for his client.

3. Was it deliberate?

It is also worth bearing in mind that Clifford is an extremely skilful PR practitioner.

I have sat in a debate where he opened by asserting that much of what you read in the papers is lies and that he knows this because most of them are his.

For him, or his firm, to drop the ball in this way is very surprising.

Which leads naturally to the question: was this all deliberate? Is Katona being positioned as the British Britney in a bid to launch a comeback?

I sincerely hope not. It would be a move that is cynical beyond belief

4. Shouldn’t it be fairly easy to establish whether she was drunk or not?

The simple fact is that people who have been drinking smell of booze.

And to be slurring that much she would have had to have drunk a lot.

If Phillip Schofield (a childhood hero, so this pains me greatly) did indeed kiss her on the cheek before they started the segment, the smell should have knocked him over backwards.

And if so, she should never have been put on air.

I am sure more details will emerge.

If it does come out that anybody at This Morning knew what state she was in before the interview, then heads should definitely roll.

However, once she was installed on the sofa, Schofield had little choice but to question her about her condition.

To simply ignore it would have been negligent in the extreme.


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