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The hills are alive with the sound of the credit crunch…

Radio 4’s Today programme yesterday ran a great piece of light relief amongst all of the economic doom and gloom – the enduring appeal of schmaltzy, leiderhosen-filled classic ‘The Sound of Music’ (well outside Austria anyway. Apparently the Austrians themselves are a little peeved at ‘minor’ inaccuracies such as the Von Trapps escaping over the Alps which, were it true, would have sent them straight to Berlin..).

In times of doom, reaching for a comforting, wholesome, picturesque bit of celluloid feelgood is obviously a huge plus – as box office receipts for Mamma Mia! this summer have shown.

Perhaps though Maria et al can provide some more practical advice for the cash Von-sTrapped. Here are just a few nuggets of Rogers and Hammerstein wisdom to help you through:

1. Make your own clothes out of old curtains. Apparently one set of paisley green material can clothe an entire family

2. Take more country walks –  free and great for mending a dysfunctional family.

3. Sing – it appears to solve every problem

4. If all else fails, run for the hills…….

So, all together now  ‘Huge bail-out packages, tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things……’


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